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Further Development, LLC was incorporated in 2008 and Erik Sten and Dave Thurman are principals of the firm. Further is a private, socially-conscious real estate company based in Bend, Oregon. Kapor Capital, a national leader in mission related investment, is a community-based partner and investor in the firm.

Further’s dedicated and talented team has more than 50 years combined experience leading, implementing and monitoring a wide range of housing investment. We are a mission-driven company that keeps the best interests of our customers and communities as an integral part of our business model.

Our current endeavors demonstrate that capability. We have created a different value proposition by serving families at risk of foreclosure rather than chasing distressed real estate for quick financial gain. We helped design and now administer the State of Oregon’s Loan Refinancing Assistance Pilot Project, a successful program to prevent foreclosure while recapturing and then revolving all government funds.

Further works with a wide variety of stakeholders vested not only in our projects  success, but more importantly in the success of the homeowners we assist. Additionally, we strive to use local contractors and labor whenever possible to keep jobs and income in the communities of the families we serve.

Our national networks are very interested in successfully helping people and communities rebuild from the foreclosure debacle. We understand how destabilization can lead to other community ills such as drops in school enrollment, increases in crime, distressed streets, loss of tax revenue, and diminished cash flow in neighborhood businesses.

Further is attracted to collaborative, unique efforts that break new ground in the housing industry.

Please contact us to learn more about our vision and how you can possibly become a part of it.